Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Rocket Pop!

Rocket Pop
36" x 18"
oil on panel

Sometimes in my treasure hunting, I come across a treasure
that instantly creates an image in my mind.
With this popcorn box, it was an easy image to 
come up with. 

 This Out of This World popcorn box

was produced by the Snyder Popcorn Supply Co
of Syracuse, NY in the 1950's.

Now, I only had to find the correct spaceship.
I wanted to find one that matched the packaging
as close as I could.

It took me 
two years.
Two years to find the one I thought would work.

Meet the X-2 Lunar Rocket.
The X-2 is a lithographed tin friction space rocket
produced by Masudaya Modern Toys
in Japan in the 1950's
Masudaya was formed in Tokyo in 1924,
and is still in business today.

A link to a video of the X-2 in action:
Now on to the fun part, the set up.
I had to figure out how to make the popcorn fly
and hold still. Very important.
Foam core and long pins were the answer.
The X-2 was adhered to a pole.
It all worked great. Very solid.
I just had to keep my popcorn loving cats
out of the studio.
Now it's time to go make some popcorn.
 Rocket Pop
36" x 18"
oil on panel

Saturday, September 5, 2015

The Still Life , Elliott Fouts Gallery

The Still Life 

Alvin Richard
Teresa Fischer
Judy Nunes
Joanne Tepper
Sarah Fagan
Lauren Pretorius
Elliott Fouts Gallery
1831 P. Street
Sacramento, CA

September 5th - October 1st, 2015
Reception Saturday September 12th

Out To Sea
oil on panel

oil on panel

Marble #1
oil on panel
 Marble #2
oil on panel
 Marble #3
oil on panel
Marble #4
oil on panel

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Out To Sea

Out To Sea
oil on panel

Sometimes you just want to push something over.
Help it move a little bit.
Or a lot.

Life is not something that holds still.
It is constantly moving. 
Everyday I try to move forward.
Sometimes we get stuck. 
We hold ourselves back.
That is when I decided
it's time to put this image together.
Out To Sea.
Time to move ahead.

I start out with a quick sketch.
Then I figure out how to set it.
You will also notice that I changed the "J" block into a "U".

Detail from Out To Sea
Detail from Out To Sea
 Out To Sea
oil on panel

Out To Sea
will be showing at
Elliott Fouts Gallery
The Still Life
September 5th - October 1st, 2015
Sacramento, CA


Monday, August 31, 2015

IGOR 10th Annual International Juried Exhibition

 Weight of Ideas
oil on panel 
has been selected to be in the
International Guild of Realism's
10th Annual International Juried Exhibition.
Hosted by
Principle Gallery in Alexandria, VA
August 18th to September 18th, 2015
Here is the link to view the entire show.
The International Guild of Realism was founded in 2002 by a group of renowned realist artists. It now represents the work of over 370 members from over 35 countries. IGOR prides itself in selecting today's finest realist artists through a jury committee. In addition to recognizing these artists, the organization seeks out exhibition opportunities, provides their members with professional assistance, and connects these artists with collectors. Along with holding annual exhibitions, IGOR organizes museum tours throughout the country to showcase their members' work.
Weight of Ideas can be seen featured in
American Art Collector 
September 2015 Issue 119 

I was able to attend the artists reception on
Friday, August 28th.
It was an amazing event. 
Principle Gallery were fabulous hosts!
Thank you Principle Gallery
 and to IGOR for all they do 
to put on such a great event.


Thursday, August 13, 2015

The Artists Magazine 32nd Annual Artist Competition

I am honored to have
Weight of Ideas
selected as a Finalist in
The Artists Magazine
32nd Annual Artist Competition
Still Life / Interior Category

The Weight of Ideas
oil on panel
24" x 24"

Link to original blog post about

Monday, July 6, 2015

International 2014/2015 ARC Salon Results

Art Renewal Center 
has announced the winners and finalists in their
2014/2015 International Salon.

I am very honored to announce my paintings
The Weight of Ideas
has been selected as Finalists 
in the Still Life category.

To view all the finalists and award winners
to each category please visit the
Art Renewal Center Salon Page:

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Anchored and Adrift

I have been thinking a lot about thoughts
and where our ideas come from. 
What do they mean?
Are they anchored to any one experience?
Do our thoughts drift along and we choose
to land them
at a unique place of our choice?

19.75" x 11.75"
oil on panel

Anchored is about feeling
the flow of imagination and choosing
that right idea to anchor too. 

detail from Anchored

As creative people, 
we get so many ideas. 
How do we select that special one
and commit to it fully?
Anchor our self to it.

detail from Anchored

16" x 12"
oil on panel

Our thoughts can quietly drift along.
If we leave them untethered
where will they lead us?

detail of Adrift

Anchored and Adrift
will be showing at
William Baczek Fine Art
Annual Still Life Exhibition
February 4 - March 14, 2015
36 Main Street
Northampton, MA