Monday, April 28, 2014

A Little Luck and a Good Idea

A Little Luck and a Good Idea
20" x 16"
oil on panel
We all would like a little extra luck sometimes.
Especially when we think we have good ideas.
I think it all goes hand in hand with a lot of hard work.
All the props in this painting have deep meaning to me. 
The light bulb for the good idea.
The wish bone for a little luck.
The skull is us.
The marbles are our thoughts.
The feather is flight, so those good ideas can 
take flight with a little luck.
I thought I would share some in-progress shots
from the painting:
The skull is from the Visible Man Anatomy kit.
It is only 2" tall. The light bulb is an appliance
bulb, so it is also fairly small in scale.
 Detail from painting.
A Little Luck and a Good Idea

Principle Gallery
20th Anniversary Invitational
208 King Street
Alexandria, VA 

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