Monday, January 31, 2011

When Your Horse Comes In

When Your Horse Comes In    
24" x 18"    oil on linen

Horses have been an important part of my life both as a young girl, and as an adult. When I come across horse toys, I can't resist them. I have many tucked away in my studio, waiting for their turn in my creative endeavors. In this painting I explored the various shades of gray and warm tones that I had.
One tonal wave went from almost black to cool gray with the plastic western horses. Then in the level above, the warm tones went from red on the right,  to yellow on the left, then up to the big creamy white horse. I really enjoyed the tonal wave they created from the bottom to the top. The addition of the paper tag brought the light tone right back down to the left corner.

Run The Fence     9" x 12"

Before I painted the bigger composition, I painted a study of one of the race horse pieces. I was told these are from a 1930's game. I have 5 of them all together. They are small, approx 1.25" tall, painted metal.

When Your Horse Comes In

Favorite parts for me were the seams on the western horses where the plastic in the molds seeped out a little. I loved the little paint nicks on the metal game pieces, and the little bit of paper on the edge of the wooden box. The challenge of multiple textures in my paintings is something I really enjoy.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Safe arrival and The Leap

My paintings have safely arrived to the Elliott Fouts Gallery for their February show.  

The largest painting and the last painting I completed for the show is The Leap.

The Leap    28" x 28" 


Monday, January 24, 2011

Out Of This World

Out Of This World
20" x 16"

This spaceship belongs to a dear friend of mine. She has memories of her grandmother keeping it in her closet on a top shelf. When she would get to see it, it would be for short moments, then it was put back up on the shelf. When I held it, it was in amazing condition, no scratches or dings. I could only imagine it
whirling about lights flashing. It is the Masudaya X-5 spaceship from the 1960's.



I did a little search and came across a YouTube video of the X-5
in action. So much fun!   
Here is the link:

Thursday, January 20, 2011

American Art Collector #64 February 2011

I am excited to be included in
American Art Collector #64, February 2011. 
Thank you so much Joshua Rose, the article is fantastic!

The interview was a great experience. It just so happened I was home visiting family for the Holidays. It was neat to be interviewed while sitting in my childhood home, in the room where so many years ago, I had spend late nights drawing and painting. It was a full circle experience. 

  Queen's Ascension       24" x 18"      oil on linen

Moo      16" x 12"    oil on linen

 Curiosity Got The Bird    12" x 24"    oil on linen


Sunday, January 9, 2011

Car Crazy

Since I was a little girl I have had a fondness for old cars, this also shows in my paintings and toy collection.

                                           Playing Chicken,  9" x 12" , oil painted on linen. 

I was told these cars are game pieces that go to a 1930's board game, I have yet to find out which game in my research.  Setting the stage with wood blocks, I so enjoyed how the color bounced off the noses of the cars onto each other. This painting will be available at the Elliott Fouts Gallery in February as part of a special two person show.

                                                 Traffic, 12" x 16 ",  oil painted on linen.

Also to be part of the February show at the Elliott Fouts Gallery. After painting Playing Chicken I wanted to keep going with the idea using the straight forward block stage. I really liked the straight design of it. The simple act of stopping at a stop sign is something we all have done so many times in our lifetimes. After painting it I realized it reminded me of Edward Hopper. Although I can't think of one particular painting of his as my inspiration, I can imagine these cars in real life sitting outside the many diners he painted.

The cars in Traffic are molded plastic from the 1950's. Part of a larger car carrier truck toy. I have used them before in another painting:

                                                   Hot Rod Hop,  18" x 24", oil on linen.

Available at the Elliott Fouts Gallery. I had so much fun playing,  setting up this composition. 
The car jumping through the air is  a 1958 Fisher Price Sports Car pull toy.
The challenge I really enjoyed on this painting was painting a black object on a dark background. I have attached a detail:

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Upcoming Show

I am very happy to share news about my next show at 
Elliott Fouts Gallery in Sacramento, CA. 
My first two person show with artist David Lobenberg.
February 5th to March 3rd, 2011. Reception February 12th.
Here is the wonderful ad the gallery put together for the show
that will appear in the February issue of American Art Collector Magazine.
The last few months have been really busy for me getting ready for the show. I have 14 paintings 
that I am sending to the Elliott Fouts Gallery for this special show. I couldn't be happier!

This is a sneak peek of me finishing the final painting for the show. 
More images from the show to come soon.

Thank you for visiting!  

Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Years 2011

My name is Teresa N. Fischer. I am a still life painter. I am a painter of realism.

I am a collector of many things. I love old toys: Japanese tin toys, wooden blocks, little people, pull toys, soda crates, glass bottles, old rusty toys cars, spaceships, bottle caps,
marbles, celluloid toys, dice, old sign letters, rocks, feathers, nuts, bolts, the list goes on and on. 

I am attracted to objects from yesterday that seem to want their story told. I am drawn to their color, textures, nicks, scrapes, scratches, chips, and tears. I wonder what adventures they have been on.  I get them out of their boxes, drawers, attics, and trunks.  I search out flea markets and junk stores. Or it may be something I stumble upon on a walk looking down at my feet, or something someone has given me.

I play. I position. I set the stage, adjust the lighting, and create the shadows that add to the drama. I rekindle that childlike feeling in myself while I plan out my compositions. I take that nostalgic object and give it a moment in the spot light. 

To begin 2011 I want to start a blog. A blog about my paintings. A place to talk about my creative process, and my inspirations. A place to talk about the objects in my collections, where I found them, the people I have met, and what I have learned about their history.

I look forward to the adventures 2011 brings me, 
the new paintings I will create, 
and the new people I will meet along the way.

Happy New Year!

Meandering Marbles   16" x 12"  oil on linen