Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Anchored and Adrift

I have been thinking a lot about thoughts
and where our ideas come from. 
What do they mean?
Are they anchored to any one experience?
Do our thoughts drift along and we choose
to land them
at a unique place of our choice?

19.75" x 11.75"
oil on panel

Anchored is about feeling
the flow of imagination and choosing
that right idea to anchor too. 

detail from Anchored

As creative people, 
we get so many ideas. 
How do we select that special one
and commit to it fully?
Anchor our self to it.

detail from Anchored

16" x 12"
oil on panel

Our thoughts can quietly drift along.
If we leave them untethered
where will they lead us?

detail of Adrift

Anchored and Adrift
will be showing at
William Baczek Fine Art
Annual Still Life Exhibition
February 4 - March 14, 2015
36 Main Street
Northampton, MA

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