Monday, February 21, 2011

Salon International and Rocket Chalk

Rocket Chalk
18" x 24"    oil on linen

Rocket Chalk has been juried into Salon International 2011.
This is a project of the International Museum of Contemporary Masters and is hosted by Greenhouse Gallery of Fine Art
in San Antonio, Texas.
Exhibit judge this year is Daniel E. Greene, N.A.
The exhibit is April 2 - April 22, 2011.
Opening reception is April 2 ,  5pm - 8pm.

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  1. Where'd you get your box of Rocket Chalk? Mine looks like it was carried in a saddle-bag!

  2. I like the concept of this one very much

  3. MrCrachet, so cool that you also have a box of Rocket Chalk. I found mine at an antique flea market. It was in prestine unused condition. In fact when I was planning this painting, I was torn, because I knew I was going to draw on the chalk board. I was torn over whether to use any piece of white chalk I could find or the actual rocket chalk. I actually used the rocket chalk, it pained me a little to break a piece in half and use it. The small piece of chalk in the painting is the broken piece I used. I am very glad now that I decided to use it. It means much more to me knowing I did. I also reversed the numbers on the chalk board to count down from 9 like you would in a rocket blast off.