Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Fly-O, The Roost, and Mason Murer

16" x 12"    oil on linen

The Roost
12" x 24"    oil on linen

For both of these paintings I really pushed the lighting. I always enjoy dramatic lighting but
for both of these, it is a little more extreme. For Fly-O the lighting on the fly block and the strong light, which really makes the marble seem to glow from the inside, is stronger than I usually use. I want to push that more with future paintings.

Someone asked me once, "How many of these red roosters do you own?" I have an unnatural amount of these roosters. A few years ago I won an auction on ebay for 21 of these roosters. I just love them. This is the forth painting I have done to include them. Never this many at once. One of these days I will put all 21 in one painting.

Fly-O and The Roost will be part of a Juried Realism Show at 
Mason Murer Fine Art in Atlanta, GA , 
April 8th to May 12th, 2011.
I will post more information about the show soon.


  1. Fabulous! I just found you and your art. I too am hooked on marbles and of late - fruit jars, and am also following Sally Tharp.

  2. Just remarkable work, great imagery.
    Your use of surfaces and textures is just amazing.
    I have got to see your work in the real.

    I hope you post some on your process, how are you developing your image.
    What resources you are using, photos, life, etc.
    Thanks for sharing your work.