Saturday, June 25, 2011

Pea Escaped the Pod

Pea Escaped the Pod
9" x 16"    oil on linen 

Marbles marbles marbles. My love of marbles continues to  grow. I love so many things about them. I love their colors, their swirls, their different sizes. I love how they feel when you are holding a handful of them. The sounds they makes when they roll around in your hand. How they start out cold, then warm up as you hold them. 

My creative side goes crazy when I see  light bounce off of them and through them. Each one having their own unique look. The reflections they cast in their shadows also fascinates me. I can't wait to set them up, stage them, and light them. 
Then. . . . paint them. 

Holding the marbles in the painting.

Pea Escaped the Pod
available at
Principle Gallery 
Alexandria, VA


  1. I'll bet your linen isn't as old as my paper (1892)! I'm currently working on marble no. 1 and 3 in the box, however - is no. 1 an agate? Mine is... Your Latticino looks almost brand new, whereas mine has a rough spot where the glass was cut with a marble cup/cutter. Really great!

  2. MrCrachet, you know and love marbles too! That makes me so happy. The latticino in this painting I had bought from someone who had it tumbled, polished so that one is very smooth, but has the rough spot too. I loved the swirls in this one, very clear and nicely spaced.