Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Real Thing Opening and Spare Tire

The Real Thing
Mason Murer Fine Art

Spare Tire
16" x 20"
oil on panel
Spare Tire is a third painting I did for The Real Thing. I love cars and I have recently discovered pinewood derby cars. Each one being handcrafted and unique, each has their own story. 
For this painting I imagined a derby car who lost a tire. What to do? You look around desperate for something. There on the workbench is a coffee can of various nails, bolts and screws. While digging something red catches your eye,  Coca Cola soda caps. They are the perfect shape and size.  Just what you need. They might not give you the fastest roll down the track, but they will do and look pretty cool at the same time.
Friday,  September 16th, was the opening of The Real Thing at Mason Murer Fine Art in Atlanta, GA. Fellow participating artist Neil Hollingsworth was at the opening and shared this delightful photo with me.  There is so much wonderful art in this fun show. Here is a link to Neil's blog which shows a few other photos from the opening. Neil Hollingsworth. Thank you Neil!

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  1. The Spare Tire is one I'd not seen before, and I like it! As always, your narrative makes it special.