Friday, April 20, 2012

Balance-Elliott Fouts Gallery

15 New Paintings 
Elliott Fouts Gallery
Sacramento, CA
Apr 7, 2012 - May 3, 2012
I was asked what it was like for me to see my paintings hanging up in the gallery space.
It is a wonderful feeling, but it is an emotional feeling really, a wonderful part of the journey. 

You start out with an idea, then the raw materials. Prepared surface, mediums, paint tubes, brushes, even the music you listen to and the thoughts you think with every paint stroke. 

Then it is a journey. You put into each new painting what you have learned from all the previous paintings. At the same time you learn new things trying to get this vision on the surface, while training your eyes, hands, and brain to work together. You stand back, decide, ok, it is finished. 

You then frame.
Then the packing, the shipping, and the wait to hear of their safe arrival.

For me, to see my creations physically hanging in a gallery space, outside of the studio, is a wonderful conclusion to my journey. It somehow gives them a new sense of importance. And leaves me feeling excited for what is next- both for the paintings on the gallery wall and for the paintings still in my head.

Thank you to everyone who came out to the reception 
at the Elliott Fouts Gallery. 
Thank you to everyone at the Elliott Fouts Gallery.


  1. Unbelievable! It took MY breath away just to see the photos of your work hanging... you must be "over the moon" with pride.:) Your paintings are extraordinary on every level, thank you for sharing.

  2. There's a little bit of the next in the last. Congratulations on the gallery show. Huge!

  3. My sentiments exactly, preparing a solo show is quite a journey. Congratulation on a wonderful collection Teresa!