Friday, April 6, 2012

When Pigs Fly

When Pigs Fly
16" x 20"
oil on panel

The little red figurine is a plastic Mary Poppins. She used to hold an umbrella in her right hand. It appears her previous owner chewed off her umbrella. A little chew mark can still be seen on her hat. It's little details like that, that I love about some of 
the items in my collections. She still has some Mary Poppins magic though, look at her walking partner. It's only natural that the pig would be flying.

The pig is based on the Fisher Price 1956 Pinky Pig #695. 
A wonderful toy whose umbrella spins when rolled and wheels make a click click sound. I say "based" because as artists sometimes we make changes for our final image. I usually stay true to the toys I paint, but for this pig, his real eyes were a little, well, on the scary oogle eyed side. But to keep true to the company who made him, I used the eyes from the 1950 Buzzy Bee #325. 

actual photos of the toys

Here are a couple actual photos of  Buzzy Bee on the left 
and Pinky Pig on the right.
In the next image is a close up of the final painting.

detail from painting

Above you can see how I put them both together in the painting. 

 detail from painting

When Pigs Fly
will be showing at
Elliott Fouts Gallery
Apr 7, 2012 - May 3, 2012


  1. Your staging is superb. Looking at your suspended (flying) characters makes me want to gather up my Mother Goose, Goslings and Rocket Chalk...