Monday, September 3, 2012

Mystery in the Studio

I walked in to my studio today to find something out of place.
A mystery to be solved!

Here is what I found. . .

I had a new still life set up with my dear Butch, 
who so very carefully 
was holding still 
with a dog biscuit on his nose. 
But it is gone!
With only crumbs left behind.

Here are the suspects in the case:

 Ever loyal, but if anything, 
I mean anything edible hits the floor, 
he nabs it.

Sweet soul, great friends with Suspect #1 and Suspect #3. 
But you can't trust those sweet eyes, 
she is a great cheerleader.

Food obsessed domestic white feline who stalks around like a panther on the prowl.
Whether it is to swat the hind end of Suspect #1 , 
or stealing a loaf of bread 
from poor artists kitchen counter. 
Can not be trusted.

Here is the underpainting showing Butch's missing bone:

Stay tuned for the finished painting. 
The question is, 
will Butch have his bone back, 
or will there only be crumbs in the final painting.

Lesson learned:
Don't trust any four legged creature milling around
with tasty props about, especially
dangly tasty props hanging from a string!


  1. Try balancing the bone on the nose of #1 - see how long it lasts. On second thought - Are you positive Butch didn't eat it?

  2. Ha!! What a wonderful post . . . I love it! And great start to the painting. :)

  3. I love your work, it's beautiful. As for the suspects, #1 has that "who, me???" look but personally, I think # 3 did it. He looks very suspicious and strangely content.