Saturday, December 29, 2012

King Cole Posse

King Cole Posse
oil on panel
14" x 28"

Near my easel I have a old secretary desk I use to organize my paints.  Above it I place things from my collection that I want to paint. Often times they will hang out there for some time, as I place more and more things around them. Having them there allows me to see them, think about them, and imagine with them. Imagine what kind of scenes I can set up with them, imagine what kind of story they have to tell.  I was sitting looking at a painting on my easel and a thought hit me when my eyes fell on one of these horses standing near Old King Cole.
"Of course!" I thought and I begin to play.

King Cole Posse
detail left

King Cole Posse
is being shown at
Principle Gallery
208 King Street
Alexandria, VA

King Cole Posse
detail right

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