Thursday, December 20, 2012

Nuts, Principle Gallery

7.75" x 24"
oil on panel

When I walk along, and I see acorns, I can't help but pick up one or two. When Fall comes along, and I get a jacket from the closet, most often than not, I will feel an acorn in the bottom of the pockets. In the little dish below the car radio, you will find acorns. 
I have little bowls in my studio with acorns along with marbles. 
I can tell you which ones my daughter collected, 
which ones came from my parents land, a friends farm, or local park. When I was a little girl, I thought their caps were used as fairy hats, or bowls that fairies drank dew from. 
On me and my husbands first date, I picked up acorns and gave them to him. Later, for an anniversary he took one and had it set in silver for a necklace. I have loved acorns for as long as I can remember.

detail center

is being shown at
Principle Gallery
208 King Street
Alexandria, VA

detail left

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  1. I missed this one in the rush to/through the Holidays. It's beautiful!