Friday, March 22, 2013

Bull's Eye, Principle Gallery

Bull's Eye
6" x 18"
oil on panel

The game of darts was made popular in many parts of 
Europe in the late 1800's. 
It soon made it's way to America and was widely popular in 
Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, 
and New York state.

In tracking down the history of the dart 
that appears in my painting Bull's Eye,
 I know it was made by DECO, Dartboard Equipment Company 
of Philadelphia, PA. It's the first company to form and make darts
and dartboards in America.
I have had a hard time tracking down the exact year 
the company began.

This is what I did learn:
John H. Pearson born in England 1861,
immigrated to Philadelphia, PA in 1873.
While working as a carpet weaver 
he started DECO in Philadelphia.
He later ran it with his son and grandson.
John H. Pearson died in 1932. reference
The company continued on until 1982
when a fire closed down the company. 
Here is a link to a great blog post by 
American Style Darts on DECO.

As you can see by my photo above , my darts
have seen better days but I still think they are 
absolutely wonderful. Their flights are made from
turkey feathers. Their bodies are wood.
Where the steel tips go into their nose,
they are fitted with some sort of weight.
Mine are quite heavy to the tip.
Not sure what year these are from, if anyone knows
anymore information about them please let me know. 
My best guess is that they are from the 1940-1950's
based on the box graphics.

detail from Bull's Eye 

Bull's Eye 
will be showing at
Principle Gallery
April Still Life Invitational
208 King Street
Alexandria, VA


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  1. Bull's Eye, Principle Gallery. Bull's Eye. 6" x 18". oil on panel. sold. The game of darts was made popular in many parts of. Europe in the late ...