Friday, March 1, 2013

Butch, Principle Gallery

16" x 20"
oil on panel

 Some of you may remember a mystery 
I walked in on one morning in my studio, 
concerning my still life set-up of Butch.

After a second attempt to clean up the final crumbs, 
I caught Suspect #3 after returning to the studio after 
leaving just a matter of minutes.
Here is a link to that original blog post:
Mystery in the Studio

Friends had wondered if I would paint Butch with the missing
treat and only crumbs, or if I would replace it. 
I decided to replace it for Butch. He is such a good dog, 
I thought he deserved it. 

Let me show you who inspired this painting: 

 This is Nadja. 
She was one of the best dogs in the world. Heart of gold. I taught her at a young age to hold a treat on her nose. I began this exercise to teach her to hold still, which was very difficult for her. We worked and worked at it. She became a pro. I could put that treat there, and she would hold perfectly still. Even if the bone looked as if it would slide to the side, she managed to keep it there. Holding until I gave her the release word. . . "OK!"

That is what Butch is doing. The bone is leaning just a little bit, will it stay?
detail of Butch 

 It stays.

will be showing at 
Principle Gallery
April Still Life Invitational
208 King Street
Alexandria, VA
Principle Gallery


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  1. Wonderful story to go with wonderful art, Teresa! I love it!