Tuesday, September 16, 2014


24" x 36"
oil on panel

Buck Rogers: An Autobiography
(from The Collected Works of
Buck Rogers in the 25th Century)

"I, Buck Rogers, am the only man alive, so far as I know, whose normal span of life has been spread over a period of five centuries! I was just twenty years old when the great World War of 1914-18 ended and I was mustered out of the Air Service where I had served for eighteen months on the battle fronts of France as a Pursuit Pilot. Soon after returning home I got a job surveying the low levels of an abandoned mine located near a great city. Deep in this mine, I was cut off from return by a cave-in, and succombed to a curious and unidentified radio-active gas I had descended to study. I sank into a state of suspended animation in which I was "preserved" in all my youth and vigor until, five hundred years later, some shifting of strata once more let air into the ancient working - and I awoke. The year was 2419."

In 1932 Rick Yager took over as the inker and writer of the
Sunday comic strip. Above is an example of Yager's design of 
Buck Roger's and Wilma.

Looking up ship designs from the Buck Roger's world 
I came across this . . .
This is a puzzle from 1945, 
Buck Rogers & His Atomic Bomber set.

Imagining Buck flying around saving the world
I planned out my painting.
In it is the 
Rocket Police Patrol Ship from 1934
made by Louis Marx & Co.
And I wanted to paint him big!

For scale here you see me holding the tin toy 
in front of the painting. 
The toy measures 12 inches.
The ship in the painting measures 25.5 inches.

Here are some detail shots
from the finished painting. . .
Painting detail

Painting detail

Painting detail

Opens Friday, October 3rd, 2014
Reception 5pm to 8pm
Principle Gallery Charleston
125 Meeting Street
Charleston, SC 29401

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