Thursday, January 20, 2011

American Art Collector #64 February 2011

I am excited to be included in
American Art Collector #64, February 2011. 
Thank you so much Joshua Rose, the article is fantastic!

The interview was a great experience. It just so happened I was home visiting family for the Holidays. It was neat to be interviewed while sitting in my childhood home, in the room where so many years ago, I had spend late nights drawing and painting. It was a full circle experience. 

  Queen's Ascension       24" x 18"      oil on linen

Moo      16" x 12"    oil on linen

 Curiosity Got The Bird    12" x 24"    oil on linen


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  1. congratulations! it's well deserved. Wish I could read the article from the jpeg, but I'll get the magazine for that.