Monday, January 31, 2011

When Your Horse Comes In

When Your Horse Comes In    
24" x 18"    oil on linen

Horses have been an important part of my life both as a young girl, and as an adult. When I come across horse toys, I can't resist them. I have many tucked away in my studio, waiting for their turn in my creative endeavors. In this painting I explored the various shades of gray and warm tones that I had.
One tonal wave went from almost black to cool gray with the plastic western horses. Then in the level above, the warm tones went from red on the right,  to yellow on the left, then up to the big creamy white horse. I really enjoyed the tonal wave they created from the bottom to the top. The addition of the paper tag brought the light tone right back down to the left corner.

Run The Fence     9" x 12"

Before I painted the bigger composition, I painted a study of one of the race horse pieces. I was told these are from a 1930's game. I have 5 of them all together. They are small, approx 1.25" tall, painted metal.

When Your Horse Comes In

Favorite parts for me were the seams on the western horses where the plastic in the molds seeped out a little. I loved the little paint nicks on the metal game pieces, and the little bit of paper on the edge of the wooden box. The challenge of multiple textures in my paintings is something I really enjoy.

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