Sunday, January 9, 2011

Car Crazy

Since I was a little girl I have had a fondness for old cars, this also shows in my paintings and toy collection.

                                           Playing Chicken,  9" x 12" , oil painted on linen. 

I was told these cars are game pieces that go to a 1930's board game, I have yet to find out which game in my research.  Setting the stage with wood blocks, I so enjoyed how the color bounced off the noses of the cars onto each other. This painting will be available at the Elliott Fouts Gallery in February as part of a special two person show.

                                                 Traffic, 12" x 16 ",  oil painted on linen.

Also to be part of the February show at the Elliott Fouts Gallery. After painting Playing Chicken I wanted to keep going with the idea using the straight forward block stage. I really liked the straight design of it. The simple act of stopping at a stop sign is something we all have done so many times in our lifetimes. After painting it I realized it reminded me of Edward Hopper. Although I can't think of one particular painting of his as my inspiration, I can imagine these cars in real life sitting outside the many diners he painted.

The cars in Traffic are molded plastic from the 1950's. Part of a larger car carrier truck toy. I have used them before in another painting:

                                                   Hot Rod Hop,  18" x 24", oil on linen.

Available at the Elliott Fouts Gallery. I had so much fun playing,  setting up this composition. 
The car jumping through the air is  a 1958 Fisher Price Sports Car pull toy.
The challenge I really enjoyed on this painting was painting a black object on a dark background. I have attached a detail:


  1. Good stuff! Seeya at Fouts. Kock em dead at our show in Feb.!

  2. Thank you so much David! Can't wait to meet you!